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Winter is coming...

As the weather changes, I find myself wondering what the new year will bring in terms of my professional trajectory. In fact, the future occupies so much of my thoughts that I sometimes struggle to live in the moment. Perhaps it's the angst of the unknown that makes me think constantly about the next project, my dreaded prelim, and my future all around. Stopping to take in the present feels incredibly uncomfortable and foreign. I liken this feeling I have about living in the present to watching a cold rain approach and just standing there, waiting and watching without a coat while resisting the urge to take any steps to prepare. That metaphor is not fitting probably, but it is how I feel at times. Nonetheless, I have my pup Langston to help keep me present and I guess that's a start. Anyhow, as the season changes I urge everyone (myself included) to think about ways to seize the moment more and, especially, to take in the present!

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