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Philadelphia—a city united.

One of the more incredible aspects of Philadelphia is the deeply rooted pride everyone has around the city collectively. Sure—there’re typical challenges faced by urban districts including those related to class, race, education and opportunity. But what makes Philly so great, I think, is that when push comes to shove, everyone has a distinct way of expressing their pride around a common theme. This was especially obvious after the Super Bowl as the streets roared in celebration of what many thought was long overdue—a championship trophy brought home. It was incredible watching myriad folks from all woks of city life celebrating. In their own way, each person found a moment to forget the woes that emerge from our differences to celebrate what makes us the same and what I’d argue human: joy in progress. The Super Bowl was just one example but Philadelphia streets fill in celebration for just about any victory it seems. Nevertheless, it’s interesting how much insight can be gleaned from watching some one or group happy. Here’s to Philly Dilly!

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